Health Science Students Experience Mock Interviews

Recently, thirteen second-year Health Science students from Ocean Springs High School experienced Mock Interviews at Ocean Springs Hospital.

This school year, Singing River Health System has continued its support of Health Science students from seven high schools in Jackson County plus Biloxi High and totaled over 300 first and second year students who have an interest in future careers in healthcare. Starting with an orientation session that gave the students information about HIPAA and Patient Privacy, students then had to undergo TB Testing, take a quiz and sign Confidentiality Agreements before being allowed to enter the hospital for their clinical assignments. First-year students in the programs experience group tours of 10-15 departments in the hospital while second-year students are allowed a more concentrated or in-depth experience in one of those areas.

Judy Dalgo, Instructor of Health Science at Ocean Springs High School, reports,

“This year’s mock job student interviews with Singing River Health System were the best of my teaching career. We are so fortunate to have such a close working relationship with the professionals at Singing River Health System. Not only were my students able to be interviewed for a job by a professional team, they were able to submit their applications and resumes online which provided a real-world experience for them. As my students will soon learn, almost all applications for jobs, awards or scholarships are completed using a computer. The Webmaster for Singing River Health System created a special site just for students to submit mock applications. The students found the site to be user friendly and had no problems uploading their applications. After the interviews, the students remarked that the process was fun and that the interviewers made them feel comfortable and well-prepared. Our Health Sciences program at Ocean Springs High School, in conjunction with Singing River Health System, is helping to prepare students of today for their healthcare careers of tomorrow.”

Each student met individually with two members of a four-person interview team which included leadership members from Human Resources, Physician Relations, Primary Care, Guest Relations and Cancer Services. Students were then evaluated on first impression by the interviewer, as well as resume presentation, professional dress, general attitude, content of answers and speaking ability as they responded to a variety of interview questions. Immediately following the interviews, students participated in a feedback session with the interview team. Team members provided the students with general comments about the interviews, and then students who received the top three scores were announced as “new mock hires” with Ocean Springs Hospital.

Joe Kippley, Operations Manager for the Regional Cancer Center at Singing River Health System and member of the interview team, indicated,

“I thought the students from Ocean Springs High were clearly well schooled on how to approach an interview. All came prepared and had good self-confidence. The only other feedback I would give a group like that is to understand that in the real world, there are frequently more qualified applicants than available positions at a certain company and not to be discouraged if they aren’t selected for a position. You may have to apply for multiple positions and should never put all of your eggs in one basket.”

“All of the students I interviewed were dressed professionally, asked appropriate questions (had reviewed job description prior to interview), and resumes were complete and reflected experience skills,” stated Julie Gabrich, Nurse Recruiter for Ocean Springs Hospital. “I was very impressed with the entire group, and I would have loved to hire them all. Kudos to Dr. Dalgo for doing such a great job in preparing the students for the job interviews.”

Lana Robinson, Director of Physician Relations and Coordinator of the area school Health Science Programs with Singing River Health System, noted,

“It is such a joy to see so many young people focused on future careers in healthcare. These students are among the brightest and most committed, and in order to successfully complete their programs, they must acquire a minimum of 100 clinical hours. These students are the future of healthcare, and Singing River Health System hopes to provide them with avenues to help them reach their goals.”