Obstetrics & Nursery

Our state-of-the-art labor and delivery units at Pascagoula Hospital and Ocean Springs Hospital are equipped to provide the latest in mother-baby care.

Have the Birth You Want at Singing River Health System

At Singing River Health System, we are here to support new mothers to have the birth that they want. Our labor unit provides expert support whether or not you choose natural childbirth.

Birth Plans

Customize your labor experience at Singing River. We honor birth plans that have been approved by physicians. We also offer birth plan consultations to help you prepare for your child’s birth. A standardized birth plan is available that you can customize for yourself. 

Private Birthing Rooms

Your private suite is designed for labor, delivery, and recovery.

  • Private bathroom with shower and bidet toilet
  • Wifi and Cable Television
  • myDining

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is the first time a mother and her newborn are together after delivery. It is a special hour of bonding celebrated in privacy as they begin a new life together.

We put the baby skin-to-skin with mom, we cover them both with a warm blanket so that baby and mom can feel calm and comfortable.

This also signals the baby’s body and the mom’s body to release some hormones, and those hormones help the baby regulate their own blood sugar and breathing. Mom’s hormones help to relieve pain and help her to start to produce milk to feed the baby.