Staying Ahead of the Curve

Singing River Health System COVID-19 Resurgence Plan.

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Singing River Health System is looking forward to getting our economy strong again and hoping everyone can quickly bounce back from this pandemic, yet firmly supports the current safe return order.

Singing River Resurgence Plan

The economic implications of a protracted shutdown could also lead to adverse long term medical consequences, so we want things back open as much as anyone, however, we have to balance that with the ability to prevent the proliferation of the virus.

Singing River Health System’s evolving strategy to prevent a coronavirus resurgence includes a virus-containment strategy that will build on intensive contact tracing, understanding transmission dynamics, and testing campaign that experts say has been instrumental in uncovering webs of infections that might otherwise have gone undetected.

Our aim is to reinvigorate the economy and keep it humming while successfully identifying and tracking cases without imposing major mandatory lockdowns or requiring businesses to keep employees working from home.

Singing River continues to have some tough days in spite of the virus spread slowing down. We still have battles against the virus going on in our ICUs and Med/Surg COVID-19 floors. We beg everyone to ensure older loved ones with any underlying medical conditions not come into contact with visitors to their households until this virus has been contained.


Lee Bond, Chief Executive Officer

Singing River Reopening Essentials

The Singing River perspective in relation to the Federal Plan for Reopening includes the need for the molecular platform rapid testing instrument here along with ample supplies.

Reopening Resources

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Testing Capability Improvements

We have sufficient capabilities to meet the Phase 1 requirements, however, given the burgeoning situation in Mobile, the size of our local Industry workforce, our military community population and presence, a large number of local nursing homes, etc., Singing River must receive one of the instruments allocated to and currently in the hands of the state to ensure rapid testing capabilities.

We will oppose re-opening without this but are fortunate to have the AEL testing coming back within 24 hours and also to now have our own limited fast testing ability for inpatients in our hospital lab, yet a possible minor spike in cases demands that we have the instrument in hand in order to mitigate and manage the prevention of a raging surge.

PPE and Supplies Levels

If at any time our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) falls below a 7-day run rate established supply level independent reprocessing and extended use, we must revert because we will not risk any lack of protection of our team. 

Community Education and Intervention

Isolation of COVID-19 Positives

We are asking for re-emphasis of the Mississippi State Department of Health requirements for household isolation when someone is positive.

We want people to understand that if they are in a COVID-positive household they are being dishonorable if they do not isolate immediately. Singing River Health System is coordinating a Law Enforcement Collaboration call on April 22nd to talk about protocols regarding COVID-positive outpatients.

We are working hand-in-hand with our Nursing Navigators and first responders to try to ensure COVID-positive households have the educational materials needed to make sure they understand the importance of isolation. Education is key.

Monitoring Social Gatherings

Social gatherings should result in law enforcement or state agency courtesy intervention (not necessarily forcible action, just at the very least an act of notification, education (and documentation) for awareness and mindfulness).

People who are working tend to not let their guard down; on the other hand, we are seeing the most common source of contagion comes from family “get-togethers” and from gatherings at homes like birthday parties, churches, funerals, and other social gatherings. 

Employer Screenings

Any employer that has employees who have tested positive will be asked to implement a screening process for all employees. The employee who is positive will not be identified to the employer; the employer will be generically notified they need to begin COVID-19 screenings for all employees coming into work.

Stay Calm and Stay Informed:

Visit our Website and Facebook page daily, these sites have everything anyone needs to know about this virus and what to do. 

Happy Note: Our hospitals are playing Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey on the overhead speaker system in keeping with the “Singing” in our brand, every time we have a COVID-19 patient heading home, and fortunately we have been able to play it multiple times over the last few days. We hope to hear it several more times very soon!