Visitation Policy COVID-19

In order to protect our patients, clinicians, and all staff we are limiting access to our hospital locations to no visitors unless the individual is essential or directly involved in patient care.

We encourage everyone needing lab and imaging services to use our outlying facilities and medical parks instead of the hospitals. Beginning Monday, April 6th, our Outpatient Laboratories and Radiology-Imaging Services will be closing at 3:00 p.m at all Singing River Medical Parks and Imaging Centers.

Pascagoula Hospital access will be limited to:

  • Patient Registration (ground entrance and directly up the designated elevators to reach the registration area)
  • Emergency Room Entrance

Ocean Springs Hospital access will be limited to:

  • Patient Registration 
  • Emergency Room Entrance
  • Same-Day Surgery 

Labor and Delivery Guest Policy

We believe COVID-19 should not diminish one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. Singing River is allowing two (2) support people during labor and then one (1) visitor at a time after delivery, once the mother and baby are ready.

ALL arriving patients and essential visitors will be asked a series of safety questions outside of every entry point of our hospitals before allowed entry. Once inside we will confirm the reason for visitation.

If you think you may have the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Call our Coronavirus Hotline 228-809-5044 for further instructions.

Read the criteria to be tested before you call:

  • Cough PLUS fever more than 100.4° or shortness of breath AND
  • Age 65+ with a compromised immune system OR
  • Person-to-person contact with a confirmed/suspected case of COVID-19

Advanced Age Recommendations

The vast number of patients who may become infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) are expected to make a full recovery. However, our elderly population with other existing medical conditions such as chronic heart conditions, asthma, or a weakened immune system are at the greatest risk for severe disease if infected.

It is critical that we work together to protect those susceptible to infection. Elderly patients with suppressed immune systems are also encouraged to stay home.

These recommendations are to prevent the spread of the virus throughout our community, your understanding and cooperation with these changes is much appreciated.

For the latest updates and FAQ’s related to COVID-19, please visit