Healthy Revolution Blueprint

At Singing River Health System, we are committed to Improving Health & Saving Lives—starting with our own!

What is Healthy Revolution Blueprint?

Healthy Revolution Blueprint is a simple-to-follow healthy lifestyle & weight management program that takes you through 12 weeks of modifications to eating and activity habits that can help you better your lifestyle and get you on a healthier track!

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There is a misconception that losing large amounts of weight with difficult, crash diets is the only way to improve your health. The truth is that creating healthy habits and a few lifestyle changes can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels and can help prevent, control and even reverse type 2 diabetes.

Lowering Body Weight Can:

• Lower cholesterol levels• Improve breathing
• Improve blood sugar control• Help you to sleep better
• Reduce aches and pains• Help prevent angina – chest pain caused by
decreased oxygen to the heart
• Improve mobility• Improve mood
• Increase energy levels

Five Habits to Change Your Life

Our program is set up to be simple, effective and create habits that last a lifetime. Developing these five habits will help you make good choices that will be easy to stick to. This is not a quick fix, but with consistency you are sure to feel better and see results. We help support and guide you through the process. After joining the program you will have a wide range of tools to help you continue your journey in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The goal is to make these initiatives into a habit so that you can not only get healthier but STAY healthier! Habits work like this: your brain gets a “cue” to initiate a certain behavior for something you crave, then you respond, and get a reward. That is how a habit is formed and stays a habit. When our brains are in the routine of eating unhealthy foods the more we crave those foods and it gives us a quick reward that is followed by lethargy and weight gain. Get in the routine of eating healthy foods, you will actually crave healthy foods and crave the energy it provides. Your brain needs to know that the long term reward of overall health and happiness is what you want to crave instead of the short-term feelings. When you can focus on that as the reward, the habit becomes easier to form and easier to maintain.

One Step at A Time–for 12 Weeks

The key to forming new habits is to start simple, don’t try to implement everything at once. Adopt one habit each week for five weeks. In weeks six through twelve, double down to get your rhythm and focus on the keys to each of these. At the end of the 12 weeks these habits will be a part of your daily routine and a way of life. You will have all of the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking to improve your lifestyle and better your health, sign up for Healthy Revolution Blueprint today!

Prefer Paper?

We know that some folks might want the full program at their fingertips. For that, we’ve created a full program guide, which you can find here!

Peruse online or download and print! Whatever helps you get to a healthier you!