Healthy Revolution Blueprint: Weekly Lessons

The key to forming new habits is to start simple, don’t try to implement everything at once. Our plan helps you to adopt one habit each week for five weeks. In weeks six through twelve, we’ll double down to get your rhythm and focus on the keys to each of these. At the end of the 12 weeks these habits will be a part of your daily routine and a way of life. You will have all of the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Week 1:

• Cutting Carbs • Setting Goals • Creating Habits

Week 2:

• Fear Fried • The Dangers of Fried Foods

Week 3:

• Shake Sugar • Sugar: Health Enemy Number One

Week 4:

• Prune Portions • Portion Control Strategies

Week 5:

• Move More • Increase Activity • Example Exercises

Week 6:

• Grocery Shopping Guide • Meal Prep & Planning • Recipes

Week 7:

• Restaurant Survival • What to Eat While You’re Out on the Town

Week 8:

• Stopping the Stress Eating • Curbing Cravings

Week 9:

• Mindful Eating

Week 10:

• Cheat Meals • Let Them Eat Cake (On Your Birthday)! • How to Bounce Back to Good Habits

Week 11:

• Support & Encouragement

Week 12:

• Success! • How to Maintain Your Momentum

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