Nov 12

Hospice of Light Tree Planting Ceremony

  • Pascagoula Hospital
    2809 Denny Ave., Pascagoula, MS 39581
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About This Event

Friends and family members of former Hospice of Light patients will gather at Singing River Hospital to honor their loved ones by planting a live oak tree.

November is recognized as National Hospice Month, and as tradition, Hospice of Light planted a tree remembering patients who died during the last year.

The tree planting doesn’t bring complete closure but by planting the live oak it allows caregivers and family to have a living memory of their loved one,” explained Connie Malcom, Hospice of Light director. “Caregivers can know that even after the death of the patient, the patient is still being remembered.”

Since Hospice of Light began in 1994, a tree has been dedicated each year in memory of former patients. The program began with just one location, nine employees and service to only three counties. Now, the program provides support for patients and their families in the final stages of terminal illness from two locations with 22 employees and serves patients in Jackson, Harrison, George, Stone, Perry and Greene Counties.

Hospice care involves a core interdisciplinary team of professionals and volunteers who provide medical, psychological and spiritual support to the terminally ill, as well as support for the patient’s family.

“The needs we meet go beyond the physical; we also address the spiritual and psychosocial elements of care,” Malcom said. “One of the ways we do that is we follow the family in bereavement for up to 13 months. We provide spiritual counseling through our chaplain. Through efforts such as the tree planting and candlelight ceremony in the spring, we interact with our families even after a death of a patient.”

For information about Hospice of Light, call 497-2400

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