Singing River Healthcare Academy Celebrates Success of LPN Apprenticeship Program

Singing River Healthcare Academy proudly announces the successful completion of its LPN Apprenticeship Program, with an outstanding achievement of 13 apprentices passing the NCLEX-PN examination. Congratulations to these apprentices:

Shirley Deloach
Kathryn Ely
Allison Gordon
Amber Granger
Ruth Holliday
Carlos Lopez
Jamie Newman
Kellie Powell
Justin Richards
Brittany Seymour
Jenna VonWrycza
Theresa Williams
Joann Wright

This milestone marks a significant accomplishment for the academy, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), the State Board of Nursing, and the dedicated participants, as they complete the first LPN Apprenticeship in Mississippi. 

About the LPN Apprenticeship Program from Healthcare Academy

The LPN Apprenticeship program, a collaboration between Singing River Healthcare Academy and the MGCCC pilot program, has proven to be a vital initiative in addressing the critical shortage of healthcare professionals in our community and nationwide.

Through this rigorous 16-month program, apprentices receive comprehensive didactic training at MGCCC, complemented by invaluable on-the-job clinical experience at one of three Singing River hospital locations under a preceptor, all at no cost. This program allows students to earn while learning critical skills to accelerate their careers in the healthcare field.

“Our LPN Apprenticeship program has not only met but exceeded benchmark success rates, with an impressive 93% achievement to date compared to the benchmark of 80%. This achievement highlights the dedication and commitment of our apprentices, as well as the effectiveness of our collaborative model in preparing skilled healthcare professionals for the future.”

Kim Hunt, LPN Educator, Singing River Healthcare Academy

Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Upon passing the NCLEX-PN exam, apprentices are now equipped with the necessary skills and qualifications to embark on fulfilling LPN careers at Singing River in high-demand specialty areas, including:

  • Employee Health
  • Rheumatology
  • Surgical Clinics
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • and others

Following one year of LPN experience, apprentices become eligible for MGCCC’s LPN to RN bridge program.

About Singing River Healthcare Academy

Singing River Healthcare Academy was established as Mississippi’s first-ever medical apprenticeship program. The program was implemented to provide growth opportunities and career pathways to improve health and save lives in our community while creating a bigger, better, more diverse workforce.

Through initiatives like the LPN Apprenticeship Program, the academy continues to provide accessible pathways to education and employment in the healthcare sector.