Pain Management

Take control of your pain with a tailored plan from one of our Pain Management Specialists.

Singing River Health System’s pain management partners provide a multi-disciplinary approach to address chronic pain in patients across the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Because chronic pain affects so many different aspects of a patient’s life, often an integrated approach that treats not only the pain itself, but the whole person can have the best outcomes when it comes to managing pain.

Common types of treatments include:

Spinal InjectionsOral Medications
Behavioral/Mental Health EvaluationTherapy
Muscle InjectionsNerve Blocks
Joint InjectionsRadiofrequency Ablation
CryoablationIntegrated & Coordinated Care
with Other Physicians

Generally, you will need a referral from a primary care provider to see a Pain Management Specialist. Talk to your primary care physician about pain management options if you have been experiencing any of the following:

Back PainNeck Pain
Leg Pain/SciaticaJoint Pain
Hip/Knee ArthritisShoulder/Elbow Pain
Overuse InjuryCarpal Tunnel Syndrome
Muscle SpasmWork-Related Injury
Depression/Emotional Issues