Surgical Technologist Apprenticeship

Singing River Healthcare Academy’s Surgical Technologist Apprenticeship prepares students over the course of two years for a career working alongside surgeons and other clinicians within the operating room.

What is a Surgical Technologist?

Surgical Tech Apprentice

Surgical Technologists, also known as Operating Room Technicians or Scrub Techs, work in the operating room to support the needs of the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, and other care team members. Surgical Technologists are tasked with many integral tasks to a successful and safe surgery: sterilizing and preparing the room and equipment prior to surgery; maintaining a sterile environment and passing tools to the surgeon during surgery; and continuing to maintain a sterile environment, dressing surgical sites, and ensuring all equipment is accounted for after surgery.

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Surgical Technologist Career Path

Choosing to begin or continue your healthcare career as a Surgical Technologist will give you an in-depth and vital role to fulfill within the medical field and prepare you for opportunities like specialization and becoming a “First Assist” in surgery.

Surgical Technologist Apprenticeship Basics

Program Length2 Years
Average Salary$45,000 annually with full benefits*
Potential Career PathsSpecialized Surgical Tech, Lead Surgical Tech, First Assist,


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*Avg. salary is based on 2022 statistics including overtime pay, experience, and certifications

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