What to Expect

Singing River Health System’s goal is provide you the best possible care in a dignified and respectful manner, and we want you to have a dynamic role in your health care. Learn more about what to expect during your stay.

Welcome to Singing River Health System

We are improving health and saving lives in our community every day. The following is a glimpse into what you can expect during your stay with us.

You and your family will need to provide information to your caregivers and take an active part in the discussions about your care. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask us to explain it to you. We want you to have the answers to your questions.

Language Interpreters

We have available language interpreters and services for the hearing impaired which are available upon request. Read more about Language Assistance Services.


Upon admission to one of our facilities, you will be given a welcome packet. It contains your paperwork and educational materials, and we encourage you to use it as a resource throughout your stay.

Identification Procedures

Proper identification is important to us. You will wear a white bracelet that contains your specific information. It is imperative that you wear it for the duration of your stay. Hospital employees are required to verify your name and date of birth on your bracelet prior to any medication administration, tests, or treatments. This is to ensure that you are receiving the best care in the safest environment.

All of our hospital employees are also required to wear identification. Each employee should have on a blue badge showing their photo, name, and department. Please report anyone without a badge to your nurse.

Patient Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. At admission, you were given information about a federal law called HIPAA. This law protects your privacy and lets you decide with whom your medical information can be shared. Click here for a complete list of patient rights. For more information on advanced directives, please contact a member of your healthcare team.

Communication with Your Caregiving Team

An entire team of experienced healthcare professionals will be caring for you during your visit. On the wipe board in your room, you’ll find the names of your doctors, nurses, patient care associates, and other members of your healthcare team. A physician, or one of their associates, will come by and see you at least once daily. Members of our nursing team will check on your often to ensure that medical equipment is working properly and that your needs are met.

It is important to tell your care team about all medications, vitamins, and supplements you are taking so that your physician can organize your individual plan of care.

During your stay, the nurses on your care team will tell you all about the medications you are taking, why you are taking them, and what the possible side effects are. This is a program we call “Ask Three, Teach Three.” This educational approach will help ensure that you understand your medications, not only while you’re hospitalized, but also after discharge.

Call Light Button

Remember: Call, Don’t Fall!

Each patient room is equipped with a nurse call light button. This button can be found on the remote device attached to your bed. All patients are at an increased risk of fall while hospitalized due to medications, connections to tubes and wiring, as well as being in an unfamiliar environment.

For these reasons, you are encouraged to press your call light button when needing assistance out of your bed or to the restroom. Please help us keep you safe during your stay by remembering to call, don’t fall.

Nursing Shift Change

At Singing River Health System, we take pride in the fact that our nursing staff completes bedside report. This means that your current nurse and your oncoming nurse will meet at your bedside to discuss important information about your care as well as introduce you to oncoming members of your team during a shift change.

You and your family are encouraged to take part in this report, as it is the perfect time to ask questions about your care.

Pain Management

Ask About Your Options

Although medications are often used to treat pain, there are many alternative measures you can use to try to help with pain control. Please ask your nurse for more information on these options.

RRT Rapid Respond Team

At time of admission to the unit, your nurse should have introduced you to an emergency response system called Rapid Response. Patients or family members can dial 381-1053 at Pascagoula Hospital 381-0514 at Ocean Springs Hospital to bring a team of medical professionals to the patient’s bedside for immediate medical assistance.

Infection Prevention

Your health and well being are of utmost importance to us. We take many steps to safeguard you and your family members, and you play an essential role in helping us make sure that all safety procedures are followed. An important part of keeping you safe is by stopping the spread of infection.

The best way to prevent infection is by washing hands. There are sinks with soap dispensers, as well as hand sanitizer stations throughout the hospital. Your care team must wash or sanitize their hands before or immediately after entering your room. We encourage you and your family to wash your hands as well, especially before eating or after using the restroom.


Cleanliness is very important to us, and our Environmental Service Team will clean your room once a day. Linens are changed every day, or more often, if needed.


We understand that good food can make all the difference in your recovery, and that’s why we have implemented a program called MyDining here at Singing River Health System. MyDining offers a wide variety of food choices, and getting your delicious meal is as simple as placing your order over the phone with one of our nutritionists between the hours of 7am and 7pm. You can find a complete menu of MyDining options in your welcome packet.

Our dining rooms also offer a selection of nutritional meals for your visitors and family members.

There are also vending machines throughout the facility.

Your Pharmacy Needs Just Got Filled

Here at Singing River Health System, your pharmacy needs can be addressed before you leave the hospital. We have a convenient, in-house, outpatient pharmacy located on both campuses. If you would like your prescriptions filled before you leave, simply ask your nurse to contact the pharmacy. They will deliver your prescriptions to your room before you are discharged.


We welcome family members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as we believe in the importance of patient and family centered care. Visiting children should always be accompanied by an adult other than the patient. For other visitors, please see official Visiting Hours.

Please note: we are a tobacco and vapor-free facility, and we thank you and your visitors for not smoking while on our campus.


The hospital cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged personal property, and it is recommended that all valuables be sent home.

Discharge Planning

When You’re Ready to go home

There are many factors that you and your family may need to consider before you leave the hospital, and we are here to help you plan your recovery. We will work together to determine the best place for you to recover, and the types of services you may need on a short or long term basis. Services include:

  • Home Health
  • Medical Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Medication Assistance

Prior to you leaving the hospital, a nurse will go over your discharge instructions and will review your personalized, “After Visit” summary. You will be given a Discharge Checklist to verify that you understand all of your discharge instructions, including directions for follow-up and what medications to take. These instructions will be added to your welcome packet, and we encourage you to take this packet with you to any follow-up appointments


Following your discharge from the hospital, you will have the opportunity to enroll in MySingingRiver, which is a free service that provides secure online access to your health information. You will need the email address provided at the time of registration to access your account.

We value your feedback

At Singing River Health System, we believe that all patients have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and we understand that being away from home can be overwhelming. That is why we pledge that we will do our very best to always provide care that is kind and compassionate.

You will receive a phone call survey one to two days after discharge asking you to evaluate your stay with us. This information you provide is greatly appreciated, as it allows us to see how well we are doing.

Thank you for allowing us to take care of you.