Surgical Services

No other public hospital on the Mississippi Gulf Coast offers the quality and variety of surgical procedures as Singing River Health System. A top-class center for bariatric surgery, knee/hip surgery, and heart surgery, our state-of-the-art treatments are designed to provide patients the latest technologies and quickest possible recoveries.

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Advanced Surgical Procedures at Singing River Health System

Singing River Health System offers advanced surgery suites at both Ocean Springs Hospital and Singing River Hospital. Singing River Health System has 20 operating room suites with additional endoscopy and cystoscopy suites at both locations.

Our Facilities

We offer advanced surgical suites at both Ocean Springs Hospital and Pascagoula Hospital. Singing River Health System has 20 operating room suites with additional endoscopy and cystoscopy suites at both locations.

The Hybrid Operating Room at Ocean Springs Hospital

One of the most cutting-edge hybrid operating rooms in the region, Ocean Springs Hospital’s Hybrid Operating Room allows staff to perform advanced diagnostic imaging and perform multiple surgical or non-surgical interventions for an individual patient, all without leaving the operating room.

Advanced Technologies

da Vinci® Xi Surgical System

da Vinci® surgical procedures offer numerous potential benefits over traditional surgical approaches including a shorter hospital stay, less pain, faster recovery, quicker return to normal activities, less risk of wound infection, less blood loss, and less scarring.

Globus ExcelsiusGPS™ Robotic Spine Surgery

Combining the benefits of navigation and robotics in one technology, this device enables even the most complex, delicate procedures to be performed through very small incisions with unmatched precision.

Stryker Mako® Robotic-Assisted Joint Surgery

Our surgeons are performing the highest quality and most precise partial knee, total knee, and total hip replacements available with the Stryker Mako® Robotic Arm.

Surgical Procedures

Singing River Health System is able to provide the majority of surgery needs to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, including some key procedures:

General Surgery

Breast Biopsy
Kidney Stones
Wound Debridement
Dilation and Curettage (D&C)
Skin Graft
Hernia Repair
Partial colectomy
Incision and draining of wounds
Reconstructive Surgery

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Coronary artery bypass
Carotid stenting
Carotid endarterectomy
Mitral valve replacement
Aortic valve replacement
Pacemaker installation
Bronchial thermal ablation
Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
Transaortic valve replacement

Digestive System Surgery

Bariatric Surgery (weight-loss)
Gastric Sleeve (weight-loss)
Bileal stone
Cholelithialis (Gallstones)
Stomach ulcer
Gastric pacemaker
Esophageal ulcer
Esophageal stricture
Gastrointestinal bleed
Duodenal ulcer
Pyloric stenosis

Women’s Gynecologic Surgery

Single Site Hysterectomy
Tubal ligation
Uterine fibroids
Uterine cysts
Uterine prolapse
Breast cancer
Breast mass
Ovarian cysts

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery
Eardrum repair
Eardrum reconstruction
Thyroidectomy (full and partial)
Ear tubes (Tympanostomy)
Vocal chord repair (Laryngoplasty)
Deviated septum repair (Septoplasty)
Nasal valve reconstruction
Nose fracture

Plastic Surgery

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
Blepharoplasty (eyes)
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Breast Reconstruction
Face Lifts
Lip Injections
Post Weight-Loss Reconstruction

Orthopedic Surgery

Total hip replacement
Total knee replacement
Partial Knee Replacement
Shoulder replacement
Carpal tunnel
Knee/hip/shoulder arthroscopy
Hip dislocation
Ligament repair
Torn meniscus
Torn Achilles tendon
Bone fractures

Spinal Surgery

Anterior cervical disc fusion
Herniated discs
Minimally invasive spine surgery
Lumbar laminectomy
Neurosurgery (lumbar/spinal)

BCBS Blue Distinction® Center+ for Hip and Knee Replacement

Ocean Springs Hospital and Pascagoula Hospital are designated Blue Distinction® Centers+ in Knee & Hip Replacement. Because of this designation, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi members can save money* – a 10% discount – by choosing a Blue Distinction® Center of Excellence like Singing River Health System for certain elective orthopedic specialty services.

A Blue Distinction® Center designates our surgical centers as having a proven track records for delivery better results with fewer complications and readmissions than facilities without this designation. The added plus (+) designation means that we also meet cost measures that address consumers’ need for affordable healthcare.

*Does not currently apply to Federal Employee Program, State Health Plan Members, certain Self-Funded and certain BlueCard members.

MBSAQIP Accreditation

Singing River Hospital’s bariatric surgery program is accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP®).

This accreditation that means that we are a Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery center offering safe, high-quality care for bariatric surgical patients. Our weight loss surgery program has a proven track record in terms of patient safety and outcomes and that our program meets the rigorous requirements and guidelines established by MBSAQIP.


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