Labor & Delivery

Singing River is the perfect place to have your baby. Our caring team and beautiful, deluxe Labor & Delivery suites are equipped with the latest technology for a safe, comfortable delivery for you and your newborn.

More than 65,000 babies have been delivered at our hospitals since 1931, and our experienced staff stands ready to welcome a whole new generation into the community through our maternity services.

Level II Specialized Care Nurseries

Ocean Springs Hospital and Pascagoula Hospital are organized with the personnel and equipment to provide care to infants born at more than 32 weeks’ gestation. Additionally, during your stay in the hospital, your newborn will be under the care of our amazing Singing River Pediatric team.

Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum (LDRP) Suites

Our deluxe Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum (LDRP) suites are beautifully decorated and equipped with the latest technology for a safe, comfortable delivery for you and your newborn.

You will remain in your suite during the entire birthing process—throughout labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum, as census allows. Move freely throughout your room during labor thanks to wireless monitoring. It’s the perfect setting for a family-centered approach to childbirth.

LDRP Amenities

  • Sofa and rocking chair
  • Wireless monitoring during labor
  • Private bathroom with shower and bidet toilet
  • Wifi and cable television
  • In room meal delivery

Safety & Security

For you and your child’s safety, our unit has limited access. An advanced electronic infant security system is activated at all times during your stay for extra peace of mind.

As a standard of high-quality care, we require our nurses to become certified in the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP). We also support their efforts to obtain continuing education credits by offering programs and sending them to specialized courses.

Personalized Delivery

Whenever possible, we respect the parents’ wishes for special requests, such as photographing the birth, letting Dad cut the baby’s umbilical cord, or breastfeeding shortly after birth. Siblings are welcome to meet their new brother or sister as soon as mother and baby are stable.

Birth Plans

Customize your labor experience at Singing River Health System. We honor birth plans that have been approved by physicians. We also offer birth plan consultations to help you prepare for your child’s birth.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is the first time a mother and her newborn are together after delivery. It is a special hour of bonding celebrated in privacy as you begin your new life together. We put the baby skin-to-skin with you, and we cover you with a warm blanket so that you are both comfortable. During this time, both you and the baby release important hormones that help with blood sugar, breathing, and milk production.