Labor & Delivery FAQs

Check out some of our frequently asked Labor & Delivery questions.

We find many moms have the same questions, so we have put together this short list of Frequently Asked Questions about Labor & Delivery at Singing River.

What are items I need to pack for my Labor & Delivery hospital stay?

The essentials to remember include: 2-3 outfits for yourself, 2-3 outfits for baby, toothbrush/toothpaste, hair brush, hair dryer, shampoo/conditioner, slippers or comfortable shoes, snacks of choice.

Will my baby stay with me the whole time?

Yes! Unlike in the past when babies stayed in the nursery, your baby will stay in the room with you the entire stay to promote bonding. Babies’ lab testing, hearing screen, and bath will also be performed in the presence of the parent(s).

Do I need to bring diapers and wipes for my baby or will that be provided?

Singing River will provide diapers, wipes, formula (if formula feeding), bath supplies, swaddle blankets, and wash cloths (for burp cloths) during your hospital stay.

How long are we expected to stay at the hospital?

For a delivery without complications, expect to stay in the hospital for 36-48 hrs.

Do I have to change rooms after I deliver?

No! You will remain in the same room during the entire stay. The only rare exception may be in the case of a high volume of births occurring at once, which would require that you relocate to a different room to allow for other deliveries.

Do I need to bring my own breast pump?

You are more than welcome to bring your own breast pump but the hospital provides a pump that our team can help you set up and provide education on how to use.

Will I get help with breastfeeding while in the hospital?

Yes! Our team is trained to support breastfeeding moms and babies during their hospital stay. Singing River also offers very mom a list of breastfeeding resources to help support you in your breastfeeding journey after leaving the hospital. Additional support services are available via our Breastfeeding Resource Center. Get more information on Breastfeeding Resources here.

Have any other questions?

Submit your own questions to a Singing River Labor & Delivery Nurse here.