To Live Pain-Free Again

The Story of Beth John

Successful Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery from Singing River Orthopedics

Beth John had recently retired and was mentally ready to start enjoying all of life’s greatest adventures. Yet, physically, her body had other plans. She was experiencing a nagging pain in her hip, and her body was no longer responding to physical therapy treatments. The pain was prohibiting movement and keeping her from being able to have an active life. The day she found herself using a cane to push a garden cart, she decided enough is enough—it was time for a hip replacement.

Finding the Right Orthopedist

Eagerly she started researching orthopedic surgeons in the area. The search was gut-wrenching and depressing with no end in sight. One doctor said, “Do stretches,” and the other surgeon wanted to go straight to surgery without a consultation. By chance, she stumbled upon a news interview where Dr. Philip Myers with Singing River Orthopedics was explaining the unique surgical table he used to perform anterior hip replacements.

From personal research, she knew the benefits of that approach, so the next day she made an appointment. She was pleasantly surprised to not have to wait weeks to be seen.

Thorough Consultation and Testing

From her first encounter with Dr. Myers and his staff, she knew she had been led to the right team. Immediately he had thorough x-rays taken, ran several tests of strength and mobility capabilities, and was the first physician to order an MRI. He used model hips and drawings to pinpoint exactly where her underlying issues were, but he did not automatically jump to surgery as the solution.

The MRI showed the problem was different from what she was previously told. When it became apparent that a total hip replacement was needed, he carefully explained the anterior approach and its benefits. Rather than leaving his office with nerves on edge and full of doubts, she left with so much peace of mind and the reassurance that she was making the right decision.

About Anterior Hip Replacements

Hip replacements performed with the anterior approach are done through the front of the hip, rather the side or back. The surgeon uses a smaller incision and works between muscles, rather than cutting them or detaching them. The many benefits of this approach can include faster recovery, reduced muscle damage, improved range of motion, and less pain.


Hip Replacement Results

Within two months of surgery, she was able to climb a hundred stairs, bike ride, and hike through the redwood forests. She was able to dance at her high school reunion with no pain. Day by day, she improved in strength, balance, and endurance, and for the first time in years, she feels like her old self again living free of pain.

After having such a positive experience, John says with confidence:

“Dr. Myers has the latest knowledge, the latest equipment, and the experience to give you the best possible results. He is a great listener and a wonderful patient teacher. Along with his protocols, he is open to taking a well-rounded approach to recovery, such as supplements, chiropractic care, and myofascial release. He allows the patient to rely on his expertise while letting them still be a driver in their own healthcare decisions, which is rare these days.”

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