A Journey Embraced by Love, Left With Peace and Compassion

The Story of Kitty Aguilar

In the face of life’s inevitable conclusion, hospice care becomes a beacon of compassion and support for many families. What could have been a journey marked by fear and uncertainty transformed into a period of profound peace, comfort, and dignity for the Aguilar family. A husband shares his heartfelt testament to the incredible support and compassion provided by the Singing River Hospice of Light team, who each played an integral role leading up to his late wife’s final moments.

About the Aguilars

Cisco Aguilar and his cherished wife for over 42 years, Kitty, faced the challenges of cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease that gradually weakened her, and multiple myeloma, a terminal disease she fought for over three years. As Kitty’s strength declined, the Aguilar family was called to the compassionate embrace of Hospice of Light.

Experienced Medical Providers

Dr. Lisa Bond, Kitty’s cancer doctor and now Director of Hospice of Light, played an instrumental role in the decision to utilize their services due to the spiraling deterioration of her health. Dr. Bond was the best doctor they had ever encountered who always exemplified appropriate knowledge, compassion, and vision. She provided not just expertise but also an outpouring of genuine care and understanding.

“When my turn comes, I want nothing more than to have the same team take care of me during my last days on earth. I mean this from the bottom of my heart.”

Cisco Aguilar

Coordinated, Patient-Focused Care

From the beginning, the Hospice of Light team caring for Kitty demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enriching her quality of life. From the dedicated nurses to the compassionate aides, each member worked tirelessly to ensure her physical comfort and emotional well-being. Their presence served as a constant source of reassurance, turning a daunting experience into one marked by love and empathy.

One of the aspects that stood out was the personalized care plans developed by the hospice team. Each member took the time to understand Kitty’s unique preferences, desires, and values. The commitment of the team extended far beyond the typical workday. Kitty’s nurse and weekend nurse were a constant source of support with 24/7 accessibility. Their ongoing support demonstrated that compassion knows no clock.

Emotional Support & Spiritual Services

In moments of overwhelming grief, the Hospice of Light team provided more than just medical expertise; they offered a shoulder to lean on. Their willingness to share in sorrow and understanding, to offer words of comfort, and to validate the emotions Cisco experienced created a support system that felt like family and extended well beyond the clinical setting.

In addition to the exemplary care, Reverend Branden Rogers, Hospice of Light’s Chaplain and bereavement counselor, added a touch of spirituality through his monthly visits. He co-officiated Kitty’s memorial service by reading her desired scripture and delivering a personalized prayer that touched Cisco’s heart with his compassionate delivery.

In summary, Cisco expressed, “When my turn comes, I want nothing more than to have the same team take care of me during my last days on earth. I mean this from the bottom of my heart.”

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