Critical Care

Singing River’s Critical Care team provides the highest quality support and care for some of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s most critically ill patients in our ICUs and hospitals.

Singing River’s Critical Care teams are highly trained and have access to the best and latest in medical technology and treatments to support the care of patients with critical, life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Intensive Care Units

Singing River’s hospitals are each home to specialized Intensive Care Units, equipped to support the complex needs of patients with critical medical conditions, such as multi-organ failure, trauma, or ongoing chronic disease that has compromised basic bodily functions.

Coordinated Care Across Specialties

Singing River’s Critical Care teams coordinate the care of their patients between multiple specialties, physicians, technologies, and more. At Singing River, we work as one to support the often multifaceted needs of Critical Care patients across our numerous specialties, ensuring access to the best doctors, the best technology, and the most caring and supportive environment for family and friends during an often difficult time.