Community Benefit

Community Health Needs Assessment

Singing River Health System is comprised of Ocean Springs Hospital, Pascagoula Hospital, Singing River Gulfport and outlying facilities.

Singing River Health System’s community is defined as the geographical boundary of Jackson County and Harrison County, Mississippi. While there are residents of surrounding counties that utilize the services of Singing River Health System, our assessments and subsequent implementation strategies will be focused on Jackson County residents and Harrison County residents, respectively. Our findings indicate that 74% of our Jackson County hospital patient encounters and 76% of our Harrison County (Gulfport) hospital patient encounters were from residents of their respective counties.

Singing River Health System’s Community Health Needs Assessment represents a community-based approach to identify and analyze community health needs and assets in order to prioritize, plan, and act upon unmet community health needs.

Community Health Needs Assessment Reports

Community Benefit Implementation Strategy


Singing River is committed to improving the health and welfare of our community. As such, we sponsor a limited number of organizations and projects with this goal in mind. Please review our selection criteria and if your event, organization, or program aligns with our goals, submit your application online here.

Community Partnership

Singing River Health System is proud to be a founding member of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Youth Health Coalition, whose first initiative is to target childhood obesity.

This program called Let’s Go! Gulf Coast, is all about healthy eating and active living for Mississippi Gulf Coast children, their families, and the communities in which they live, learn, work and play!

To further our commitment, Singing River Health System has taken the partnership challenge to become a Let’s Go! Gulf Coast partner site.

To inquire about a guest speaker from Singing River Health System for a local event or engagement, please Contact Us.