Mission and Values

With pride, passion, and commitment, we will improve health and save lives in our community every day.

Our Mission

Our Core Values

Our employees are part of a sacred trust to deliver the highest quality and most compassionate care to our community. Every employee embodies the spirit behind each of our core values — the heart and soul of Singing River Health System.

Our patients are guests.

I will always make patient care and safety my highest priority at all times, serving them with exceptional levels of compassion, empathy, and attention that exceed expectations and form unbreakable bonds. Patients and their families are our guests. They are the reason we are here.

Quality is in our DNA.

I will always ensure that my work is of the highest quality, adhering to clinical and business best practices to protect our patients (our guests), our organization, and my personal reputation as an effective team member. I will never cut corners to save time and will always make things right. I understand that accuracy, safety, privacy, consistency, punctuality, cleanliness, and dependability are our shared responsibilities.

Caring communication is key.

I will always devote myself to demonstrating that we care. My speech, body language, tone of voice, and professional appearance will demonstrate my commitment to caring and understanding. I will always smile, be first to greet, listen more than speak, call our guests by name, say “Thank You,“ seek opportunities to educate and inform, and end every interaction with: “What else may I do for you?”

Serve with heart and soul.

I will always demonstrate the highest standards for customer service in my work with patients, guests, and fellow team members. I understand the simple things like a smile, a kind word, a thank you, or escorting guests to their destination can change their day. I will take ownership for our guests’ needs because we are the friendliest and best health system anywhere. I understand that everything matters, and I will do my utmost to amaze my patients, guests, and team members with acts of kindness, compassion, and service.

Yes is the answer.

I will always seek ways to “get to YES” when caring for others. I will always find options that are in the patient’s best interest. If I make a promise, I will always follow through and deliver.

Teamwork always wins.

I will always work as part of a TEAM with the mindset of a WINNER to deliver our best with creativity, efficiency, stewardship, and cooperation. I understand it takes all of us working together to deliver the best care, and I will contribute my best work and best ideas every day. I will do my best to make my work environment a pleasant and fun place to work. We are family caring for families and we like what we do!

If you are interested in Singing River Health System’s Mission and Core Values, consider a career with us. Visit our Careers page to learn more about the opportunities available to help serve your community.