Meet the Administration of Singing River Health System.

Tiffany Murdock, CEO

Tiffany Murdock


(228) 818-1195

Laurin St. Pe, Administrator

Laurin St. Pe

Chief Operating Officer

(228) 809-5509

Heath Thompson

Heath Thompson

Hospital Administrator

(228) 818-1191

Jason McNeil, CFO

Jason McNeil

Chief Financial Officer

(228) 497-7597

Dr. Randy Roth, CMO

Randy Roth

Chief Medical Officer

(228) 809-5510

Suzi Russell, CNO

Susan Russell

Chief Nursing Officer

(228) 809-5353

Heather Rowley, CNO

Heather Rowley

Chief Nursing Officer


Jessica Lewis, HR Director

Jessica Lewis

Executive Director of Human Resources

(228) 809-3090

Shannon Wall, Marketing Director

Shannon Wall

Director of Marketing

(228) 818-3131

Kory Hudson, IT Director

Kory Hudson

Executive Director of Information Systems


Laura Sessum, Foundation Director

Laura Sessum

Foundation Executive Director


Jaklyn Wrigley

Chief Legal Officer