Hospice of Light, a hospice service offered by Singing River, has provided terminally ill patients and their families excellent physical care and support for over 25 years.

Expert End of Life Care

Hospice of Light’s mission is to provide dignified, expert end-of-life care and guidance to our patients and families. We are able to accomplish hospice outside of a hospital setting by providing additional support and clinical care. We provide in-home, GIP (inpatient), respite, and continuous care.

Hospice of Light Services

Hospice of Light comes into a patient’s home and helps provide both physical and spiritual relief that improves their quality of life for the time that they have left.

Special Populations

The Hospice of Light treats patients of all ages. We are specially trained to provide care for Veterans.

Symptom Relief

Hospice of Light effectively treats and manages your loved one’s pain and physical symptoms like pain and nausea/vomiting.

We have a direct line to your loved one’s physician. That way, the patient does not have to leave the home to see the doctor, and we are able to handle all symptoms in the home.

If symptoms can no longer be managed at home, your loved may can be admitted to Pascagoula Hospital, Ocean Springs Hospital, or George Regional Hospital to get their symptoms back under control.


If you have an emergency, our hospice nurses are available to help 24/7.

Medications and Equipment

We will provide durable medical equipment you may need to use to care for your loved one that was ordered by their physician. You’ll also receive medications from the Pharmacy based on their admission diagnosis.

Bereavement Counseling

We acknowledge the difficulties associated with facing the loss and grief associated with the end of life and death of their loved one. Family members are offered up to 13 months of bereavement services. Additionally, our Bereavement Support Groups are always free and open to the public.

Your Hospice Care Team

The Hospice of Light team is a group of professionals and trained volunteers. They coordinate their services in order to provide comprehensive care to hospice patients and their families. They address caring for the whole person through a multi-disciplinary approach of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual concerns.

The team includes:

  • Our Medical Director
  • Attending physician
  • Specially-trained registered nurses and nurse aides
  • Social workers
  • Chaplain
  • Bereavement coordinator
  • Volunteers

Financial Coverage

The Hospice Medicare Benefit provides financial coverage for those patients who are eligible. Hospice is also covered by Medicaid and many private insurance companies.


Hospice of Light offers services to patients who have a terminal illness with a limited life expectancy, as diagnosed by the patient’s physician. 

In order to be eligible for Hospice of Light services, patients must reside within the following Mississippi counties:

  • Jackson County
  • Perry County
  • George County
  • Harrison County
  • Greene County
  • Stone County