Sophia Myers Family Testimony

The Story of Sophia Myers

Angel Myers, mother of patient Sophia Myers, shared her story about how Hospice of Light helped provide in-home hospice services for her precious daughter. It is our mission and privilege to provide care and comfort to our patients and their families. We thank you for choosing our family to care for yours.

“From the very beginning of Sophia’s diagnosis, there was a palliative care team. Her diagnosis was terminal, and so we knew that she would pass from DIPG. The question was —  when and where?

We had been in the ICU for about 21 days at USA, and we wanted her to come home. She wanted to come home. We wanted to bring her home so that she could pass away there.

I just knew Singing River Health System. I knew y’all had the best, and we chose Hospice of Light. It was the best decision that I have ever made for Sophia as far as her quality of life.

I can remember the day I had to sign the paperwork. I did not want to sign it. It was sitting on the counter, and it was kind of staring at me. I was kind of staring at it. And Crystal [Davis] said, “Angel, it’s getting help, it’s not giving up hope.” That helped me tremendously.

They went above and beyond for us. They explained everything to us so that we were always calm around her. We were able to meet her needs without feeling fear or concern about how we were going to do it.

They helped us understand the process and the transition from life to physical death. And that helped us understand what to expect and spend the best, most quality time with her that we could.

The nurses were so well informed. They were so confident about what they were doing. They were so compassionate. We knew right away that we were going with the right team.”


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