Tree Planting Ceremony

Since Hospice of Light began in 1994, a tree has been planted every year to honor the memory of past patients. This tradition happens each November, which is recognized as National Hospice month, to ensure that their families and friends know they will never be forgotten.

Hospice of Light’s Annual Tree Planting Ceremony

Each November, Hospice of Light honors the memory of those we have loved and served. We invite friends and family of the deceased, as well as the general public, to participate in a tree planting ceremony at Singing River Gulfport Hospital and Pascagoula Hospital. This event welcomes our entire community. It does not matter how long ago the loss occurred or even if the person you would like to honor wasn’t our patient.

We had two beautiful events this year. Both featured a heartfelt salute from the Patriot Guard Riders, part of Hospice of Light’s collaboration with the We Honor Veterans program. Families participated by embedding their loved ones’ names into the soil, symbolizing a lasting connection with the tree that will soon be planted.

Dr. Roth, Singing River’s Chief Medical Officer, shared a touching personal story of loss, highlighting the compassionate work of Hospice of Light in our community. As we planted the trees, we sowed seeds of remembrance and gratitude.



Despite moving indoors due to weather, the event remained deeply meaningful. The tree and its marker will be placed in the ground at the walking track behind Singing River Healthplex.

Thank You

Thank you to each and every person who helped us remember loved ones at the events and to the families who trusted Hospice of Light in a vulnerable time of life.

In the spirit of ongoing support, we invite those navigating grief to join the community grief support group offered by Hospice of Light: