Birth Safety Program

Singing River’s hospitals are the first in Mississippi to launch an evidence-based care process in Labor & Delivery called TeamBirth—a program that promotes the safety and dignity of people giving birth in order to improve maternal outcomes.

Enjoy a More Collaborative Birthing Experience at Singing River Health System with TeamBirth

At Singing River, Caring Communication is Key. We have a commitment to caring and understanding our patients, and that is why we are joining a program to improve birth safety and maternal healthcare centered upon proactive communication.

The TeamBirth model was created as a result of rising maternal mortality rates in the United States. The model strives to create equity for patients by increasing individualized care.

TeamBirth Tools

With TeamBirth, every patient has input in their own labor and care. Below are TeamBirth tools used to accomplish better birth experiences.

#1 Care Teams

Labor and delivery is a team endeavor, and each person has something valuable to contribute. During TeamBirth, a care team is established, which may include patients, physicians, nurses, midwives, doulas, and other support people.

#2 Care Planning Boards

When a patient comes into Singing River’s Labor & Delivery to give birth, they’ll have a shared planning board in their room. This board names their team, elevates the patient’s birth preferences, and outlines care plans and progress for the patient and the baby. The board serves as an ongoing shared reference for the team.

Singing River’s Care Planning Board in use at Pascagoula Hospital. The Care Planning Board is a central component of the TeamBirth model.

#3 Huddles

TeamBirth uses standardized care team meetings called “huddles” that occur throughout the patient’s care. These meetings give all team members the opportunity to participate in shared decision-making. During a huddle, they will discuss preferences, care plans for the patient and baby, labor progress, and expectations for the next huddle.

Huddles may happen:

  • Upon admission to the hospital
  • When the patient or a team member requests one
  • When there is a change in the patient’s or fetus’s care plan
  • When there is going to be a decision around delivery

About TeamBirth

Created by Ariadne Labs’ Delivery Decision Initiative, TeamBirth was designed by labor and delivery experts, doctors, and patients. Their prototype included the patient-facing care plan board, other decision-making aids, and team huddles. Singing River is part of TeamBirth’s second cohort, joining select hospitals across the country.

TeamBirth launched its pilot program in four high-volume hospitals in 2018. The survey responses were overwhelming.

Patients Reported

had their desired role in their birth
reported clear communication
felt their preferences made a difference

Providers Reported

felt TeamBirth improved care
would recommend TeamBirth
clarified C-section decision-making