Singing River Health System Celebrates telaGen 1000th Birth Tissue Donation

MS Gulf Coast—Singing River Health System is proud to announce its recent 1000th telaGen Birth Tissue Donation.

A small celebration will be held on Thursday, March 30, at 11:00 a.m. in Singing River Pascagoula Hospital’s Labor & Delivery department.

telaGen is a partner of Singing River Health System and provides expectant c-section mothers the opportunity to donate their birth tissue which is then used to create amniotic tissue-based allografts to help treat non-healing wounds and burns. The allografts are then used to help treat patients at Singing River Would Care Centers across the coast. One placenta can be used to heal up to 50 wound care patients. If not donated, the birth tissue is typically disposed of as medical waste and provides no further benefit.

For each birth tissue donation supported, a charitable donation is made on behalf of telaGen to the Singing River Foundation. The Singing River Foundation allocates these funds for the Singing River Labor & Delivery departments to utilize for the purchase of equipment, continuing education, or other needs to further enhance daily operations.

“This is an easy partnership that provides an array of benefits for our health system. These donations not only allow us to further enhance our labor and delivery offerings but also provides the gift of healing for patients in our wound care centers across the coast.”

Laura Sessum, Executive Director of the Singing River Foundation

telaGen has over 40 programs throughout the Southeast United States. telaGen has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of birth tissue allografts in the nation and is the primary source of raw material used in the production of these life-saving products that help over 8 million burn and wound patients each year.

For more information, please contact Public Relations Manager, Ashley Butsch, by phone at (228) 697-6997 or by email at [email protected].