Weight Loss Surgery

Since 2000, Singing River Weight Loss Center has been a leader in weight loss surgery and medical weight loss along the Gulf Coast, offering those who are significantly overweight more help than traditional lifestyle changes in diet and exercise can offer.

Bariatric Surgery & Medical Weight Loss on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Effective and Safe Weight Loss

Mississippians facing obesity and weight issues are at risk of developing other diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, and degenerative joint disease, all of which are major causes in premature death. To help combat obesity, which is one of the leading health risk factors in our region, Singing River Weight Loss Center offers a full scope of weight loss options, including both surgical weight loss options and non-surgical medical weight loss options to improve the health and save the lives of our patients.

How to start your weight loss surgery journey

Singing River Weight Loss Center offers FREE, informational seminars as the first step in your weight loss journey. We offer an easy & convenient 24/7 online seminar as well as in-person seminars where you are able to meet our surgeons and ask questions in a casual, but informative information session.

Whether you choose to watch the seminar online or join us in-person, this is the first step to starting your journey with Singing River Weight Loss Center. Choose one below and get started today!

FREE, 24/7 Online Weight Loss Surgery Seminar

We offer a 24/7 online seminar for those considering and/or planning to have weight loss surgery who would prefer to get started at their own convenience.

FREE, In-Person Weight Loss Surgery Seminars

Prefer a more personal touch? Join us for one of our FREE, in-person Weight Loss Surgery Seminars. You’ll have the opportunity to learn all you ever wanted to know about weight loss surgery right from one of our award-winning surgeons.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

Singing River Weight Loss Center offers bariatric surgery procedures and non-surgical medical weight loss programs to help patients change their exercise and nutrition habits.

These services include:

Bariatric Surgery Options
Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy)
Low BMI Gastric Sleeve
Revisions for previous weight loss procedures
Medical Weight Loss Options
Medical Weight Management
Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections

Many of our bariatric surgery are performed using the latest in technology, the da Vinci® Xi surgical system.

We believe that education can help you get the best from your surgery. We offer nutritional classes and dietary consults with each office visit. A monthly support group is also offered to assist patients with their progress.

Many insurance providers cover bariatric surgery & medical weight loss

Check our list or talk with your insurance company to verify whether your health insurance covers medical weight loss. But even if it doesn’t, don’t lose hope. Singing River Weight Loss Center offers Cash Pay Options to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start with this list for common FAQs about our weight loss program.

Then, read this great FAQ as Dr. William Avara goes over some Frequently Asked Questions about obesity, the benefits of bariatric surgery, and the recovery process.