Weight Loss Surgery Cash Pay Options

Explore self-pay options for weight loss surgery.

For patients with a bariatric exclusion in their policy, those who do not have insurance, and those who are seeking surgery outside the constraints of their insurance company, we offer many self-funded options for bariatric surgery. We have cash pay programs for many different types of weight loss surgery as well as secondary, or revision procedures.

Cash Pay Packages

Our cash pay packages include all costs associated with the pre-surgery office visits, facility fees, surgeon fee, anesthesia, overnight stay in a qualifying facility, and one year of follow-up care with your surgeon. Patients are also protected against the possible costs related to complications that could arise for up to 180 days following surgery for most surgery types. Patients must be medically cleared by their surgeon and medical team as well as anesthesia prior to surgery. Cost of pre-op testing and psychological evaluations are not included in the cash pay package price.

  • Low BMI Sleeve – $9,999 (BMI 30-34.9)
  • Sleeve – $13,000 (BMI 35-75)
  • Roux en Y Gastric Bypass – $26,000 (BMI 35-75)
  • Band removal/Low BMI Sleeve – Approximately $10,499 (BMI 30-34.9)
  • Band removal/sleeve – Approximately $13,500 (BMI 35-75)

Jump-Start Low BMI

If you are interested in weight loss surgery but do not qualify because your BMI falls below the current guidelines, you may be eligible for weight loss surgery through the Jump-Start Low BMI program offered at Singing River Weight Loss Center. Patients who qualify for the Jump-Start Low BMI program will have the option for a Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure at one of Singing River’s world-class hospitals. Learn more on our Jump-Start Low BMI Program page.

Medical Spending Accounts

Some or all of the costs associated with a weight loss program may be reimbursable if you have a healthcare spending account (FSA/HSA). Check first with your account administrator about your eligible expenses. Some services, supplements, or medications may require a letter of medical necessity. Be sure to talk with your accountant or financial advisor about how this could help you.

Employers Interested in Getting a Bariatric Coverage Policy

If you or your employer is interested in having your company cover bariatric surgery benefits, check out BARInet. “BARInet provides employers a way to offer bariatric surgery within self-insured health plans that has proven to show better outcomes at lower costs.” Learn more at: https://barinet.com/