Safety & Security

Singing River is committed to providing a safe environment for guests and our employees alike.

As a guest, patient, or visitor at a Singing River facility, we are working with you to create a safe environment that is conducive to healing and high quality care.

Zero Tolerance for Violence

Singing River Health System has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards violence.

This means acts of violence, swearing, threats, or verbal abuse will NOT be tolerated.

Anyone who is violent or abusive will be asked to leave by staff, security, or police.

Assault of healthcare workers is a FELONY.

Mississippi code 97-3-7(B)

Security Measures

To ensure the safety of our guests, visitors, patients, and staff, Singing River has taken the following measures:

  • Posted “Zero Tolerance” signage
  • Ongoing staff education for identifying and reporting workplace violence
  • Record flagging for patients with previous workplace violence incidents
  • De-escalation training for Campus Police, Emergency Department personnel, and Behavioral Health personnel
  • Strategically placed panic alarms
  • Controlled access to sensitive areas
  • Cameras throughout hospitals and facilities
  • Round-the-clock police presence at each Emergency Department
  • Bag searches for weapons

Patient Code of Conduct

Singing River Health System is committed to providing high quality healthcare and building healthy and thriving communities. Our guests should expect a safe, caring, and inclusive environment.

Words or actions that are disrespectful, racist, discriminatory, hostile, harassing, or threatening are not welcome and will not be tolerated.

Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to:

  • Offensive comments about other’s race, accent, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other personal traits.
  • Refusal to receive treatment from a medical staff member based on any personal traits including those listed above.
  • Physical assaults, verbal assaults, or the threat to commit any type of assault.
  • Sexual, verbal, or inappropriate words or actions towards any staff member.
  • Disrupting another patient’s or visitor’s care or experience.

If it is determined that you have violated the Patient Code of Conduct, appropriate action will be taken. Action could include:

  • Being trespassed from all Singing River Health System properties
  • Being arrested and transported to jail
  • Use of force as deemed necessary by campus police
  • A combination of any of the above

If you witness or are the target of any of the aforementioned behaviors, please report it to a staff member immediately.