Defying Colon Cancer Odds

The Story of Kyle Frederickson

Kyle Frederickson’s life has always been marked by strength and resilience. However, at the age of 40, he faced his greatest challenge yet: a Stage IV colon cancer diagnosis.

In the months leading up to his diagnosis, Frederickson was experiencing severe pain in his lower right abdomen. The pain was so intense it kept him awake at night and left him breathless. “My wife and I were about to head to Ohio for my brother’s wedding when she insisted I go to the emergency room,” Frederickson recalls. He underwent numerous tests, which led to his diagnosis. During his stay he met Dr. Krishna Joshi, a medical oncologist at Singing River Health System, who would become instrumental in his cancer treatment.

Frederickson and Dr. Joshi at Singing River Cancer Center in Pascagoula

Frederickson also discovered he had Lynch Syndrome, a condition that significantly increases the risk of colon cancer. Had he known this earlier, he could have started screenings and preventative measures much sooner. His cancer was advanced, and his body had become frail. After just one round of chemotherapy, his body was overwhelmed. He suffered nausea, vomiting, severe dehydration, and acute kidney failure, prompting a return trip to the emergency room, and his weight dropped to only 104 pounds. “I spent the night in the ER, not sure if I would survive,” said Frederickson. “But I did! Once I was strong enough to continue treatment, Dr. Joshi called with news of a new immunotherapy drug called Keytruda.”

The drug marked a turning point. Next-generation sequencing showed his tumor would respond well to immunotherapy. He was able to tolerate the drug, and the cancer responded very well to the treatment. After a year he underwent surgery, which showed no evidence of remaining cancer. He was declared cancer-free after two years of treatment.

“Kyle’s case exemplifies the incredible advancements in cancer treatment today. Next-generation sequencing allowed us to tailor a treatment plan specifically for him, and the results speak volumes about the power of personalized medicine. His recovery is a testament to what we can achieve when cutting-edge science meets compassionate care. It is remarkable to see stage IV cancer cured, which was only possible due to the availability of the new treatment—immunotherapy.”

Dr. Krishna Joshi

Frederickson is forever grateful for the exceptional care he received. “Being cancer-free after a Stage IV diagnosis feels like a true miracle, and I owe it all to the extraordinary efforts of my healthcare team at Singing River Health System.”

Get Screened for Colon Cancer

Colon cancer screenings, which are recommended starting at age 45 for patients with average risk, are essential in the fight against this disease. To learn more about colon cancer screening options, including colonoscopies, stool tests, blood tests, and more, read our article “Five Myths About Colonoscopies.”