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The Story of Patty Cartullo

Located within Pascagoula Hospital, Singing River Health System’s Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center (CRC) is helping people like Patty Cartullo, who experienced a stroke, return to daily life.

Admittance to the CRC in Pascagoula

Following a stroke, Patty was treated at Ocean Springs Hospital. Her doctor recommended she transfer to the CRC at Pascagoula Hospital. In an interview about her recovery, she said:

“Everyone told me, You have to go to CRC if you want to get better. And believe me, I did. This place is absolutely wonderful. The first day I was here, I was scared, but they made me feel comfortable within an hour. I love the people here. The staff here is absolutely great. You have a nurse 24/7. Day and night. Who does that? Nobody does that. CRC is the best place you could go to get well.

Therapies at the CRC

Physical therapy was one of main things that helped her get back on her feet. Patty raved:

“You people in physical therapy are absolutely brilliant. I know they have a lot of experience, and they work you hard. But, if you work hard, you’ll get better. Every day you have a schedule of what you have to do. Occupational therapy — same thing. And they teach you how to reinvent yourself. Because, you know, you’ve got a little ways to go down the road, and you still have to cook.”

ADL Kitchen

One of the unique features of the CRC is the Activities of Daily Life (ADL) Kitchen. The ADL Kitchen allows patients to practice instrumental tasks such as cooking and meal preparation.

For Patty, who was the lead baker at the Hard Rock, using the ADL to bake cookies for residents was an essential part of her recovery. And while patients at CRC have dietary plans that are approved by the hospital nutritionist, everyone made an exception for her macarons.

If you or a loved one has had a stroke, the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center provides excellent outcomes for patients.