How One Singing River Physician Helps Local Law Enforcement

Long before he was a member of the Singing River Health System family, one of our emergency physicians provided a different type of medical help as a flight medic in the United States military. That experience set up a lifelong commitment to helping those that put themselves in danger so that our communities can live in peace.

“For me personally, I was a flight medic in the military prior to going to medical school, so I had a background and interest in medicine in a tactical setting.”

After completing his duty in the military, he attended medical school and entered into residency where he had the opportunity to do some teaching and training with the FBI, which led to a two-year stint working with a North Carolina SWAT team before relocating to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

“When I moved here I spoke with the local law enforcement agencies and ended up joining both the Pascagoula Police Department SWAT team and the Jackson County Sherriff’s Department Emergency Services Unit.”

This role with our local law enforcement officers is one of great responsibility. He provides mission support and ensures team readiness, which includes an active role in safety meetings and operational planning. He also provides real-time medical and trauma care, plus training to prepare medical technicians and other officers for any medical emergency that could occur during an operation.

The commitment to helping local law enforcement goes beyond the many hours he spends with them each month.

“I am also currently working with the State Trauma Region to help distribute Individual First Aid Kits to all law enforcement personnel on the coast free of charge! These kits will allow officers to be able to provide self-aid/buddy aid to other law enforcement officers or civilians who are injured. This will require a short medical class to become familiar with the kits contents and when/how to use them. I am heading a small team of trainers that will provide this class to all local law enforcement free of charge.”