A Man of Faith

How Father Michael Kelleher continues to promote the spiritual welfare of the faithful while undergoing treatment for cancer.

Father Mike Kelleher has been the pastor of Sacred Heart in Pascagoula, Mississippi, for nearly two decades, as well as actively involved at Resurrection Catholic School. When he began exhibiting symptoms of being under the weather, it was a natural response for parishioners to express their concerns.

“I was a little short of breath and had a persistent cough,” said Father Mike. “When I started losing a little weight, my physician, Dr. Roth, advised me to get it checked out.”

Dr. Randy Roth, Chief Medical Officer and inpatient physician at Singing River Health System, referred Father Mike for further testing. The results revealed a diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma, the most common form of lung cancer in the United States among men and women.

In July of this year, Father Mike began treatment at Singing River Health System Regional Cancer Center that would include a plan of both radiation and chemotherapy under the care of Dr. Brad Greenfield and Dr. Benjamin Gatewood. He was thankful to be able to receive treatment at home in Jackson County so he could continue his regular duties with the church.

“I knew I would be fighting a serious disease at Stage 3, but my trust was well-placed in Dr. Roth, Dr. Gatewood and Dr. Greenfield,” explained Father Mike. “Dr. Gatewood and Dr. Greenfield are very well versed in modern cancer treatment, and the nurses are all so positive.”

Father Mike Kelleher shown with Dr. Brad Greenfield of Singing River Health System Regional Cancer Center

Father Mike has fared well with his treatments, suffering no adverse effects or interruptions to his regular routine so far.

“I haven’t missed a beat,” said Father Mike. “My energy levels have stayed good–I even drive myself to treatments. My experience so far has been very positive.”

Parishioners of Sacred Heart, as well as friends and neighbors across the Gulf Coast continue to keep Father Mike in their prayers as he continues to lead prayers for others.

His faith in God and his care team gives rise to his positive and uplifting spirit, always shining in the service of others.

About singing river health system regional cancer center

The Singing River Health System Regional Cancer Center is accredited by the ACOS (American College of Surgeons) Commission on Cancer and offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to cancer care. The center is represented by a leading team of medical and radiation oncologists and hematologists, including the only physician in South Mississippi to be named a Fellow of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Dr. Edgar Hull.

Discover more about local cancer treatment options available in South Mississippi at Singing River Health System Regional Cancer Center.