Singing River Health System First in US to deploy OR Cockpit for Patient Safety & Efficiency

The next generation in Operating Room safety and efficiency is making its nationwide debut in Jackson County, MS with the delivery of the “OR Cockpit” software suite at Singing River Health System.

The OR Cockpit is a revolutionary interoperability software system that monitors all facets of an operating room to optimize patient safety, OR efficiency and infection control with real time analytics and reporting throughout a surgical procedure. The system was installed in the OR Suites at Singing River Health System’s Ocean Springs Hospital as a Beta Test site, the first in the United States.

Members of Singing River Health System’s Leadership Team with associates from New Compliance and Skytron to announce the OR Cockpit Launch

Developed by New Compliance, USA, the OR Cockpit was developed in The Netherlands and has been successfully deployed in hospitals across Europe. The system ties into the hospital’s electronic medical records data and uses giant touchscreens, air quality monitors, timers and electronic checklists to provide constant feedback to the OR team on procedure specific patient safety, infection risk and environmental conditions. “We are very excited to bring our OR Cockpit⁺ Suite solution online at our first US hospital location in Ocean Springs. Working together with the hospital and our US distributor Skytron, our company’s mission is to protect patients and empower medical staff by bringing hospitals smart, interoperable real-time information technology” said New Compliance CEO Bo Wiesman. “With this first project at Singing River Health System we mark the start of an exciting patient safety journey into the US healthcare market.”

Singing River Health System is already nationally ranked for medical excellence and patient safety in a number of surgical specialties, and the surgery team did not hesitate to be the first in the US to install the OR Cockpit. “We jumped at the opportunity to help test this new technology,” says Tiffany Murdock, Executive Director of Surgical Operations for Singing River. “It’s another tool we can use to assure the absolute highest quality care for our patients, and we’re excited to show the rest of the country what we can do with this technology. While there’s no substitute for human skill, the OR Cockpit gives us real time data for better decision making and better care.” Murdock expects to deploy the technology to all of the systems operating rooms in the near future.

To launch the system in the United States, New Compliance has partnered with the Skytron Company, a global healthcare equipment and technology provider, as its exclusive US distribution channel.

“Singing River Health System’s focus on continuous improvement and their long term vision fit well with our core values and our efforts to help leaders in healthcare achieve the highest utilization of their people, their facilities and their capital,” says Dave Mehney, CEO of Skytron. “They’re a perfect partner as a US pilot site for the OR Cockpit Solution.”

Discover more about the OR Cockpit Solution at New Compliance or Skytron.