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Orthopedic Care

From trauma wounds and broken bones to sports medicine and joint/back/neck pain, Singing River Health System works in partnership with Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists to provide the right skills, expertise, and technology to Jackson County and surrounding communities.

The physicians at Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists have a variety of specialties that they focus on, providing quality care right here at home. These doctors also focus on the following sub-specialties: hand, shoulder, spine, joint replacements, sports medicine and non-operative treatment and care.

You don’t have to travel to find an orthopedic surgeon or specialist to fit your needs. Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists break down their care into the following centers: sports medicine center, osteoporosis center, hand center, joint replacement center, rehabilitation center, spine center, stem cell treatment and the workers’ compensation center.

Performing more than 900 surgeries a year, our orthopedic team offers a wide spectrum of procedures including: total knee replacement, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, shoulder replacement and arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee or wrist.

Our orthopedic team also specializes in treating a multitude of conditions affecting the skeletal system including: carpal tunnel, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, degenerative disorders of the back, herniated disc, lower back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, scoliosis and torn ligaments.

Blue Distinction®

Ocean Springs Hospital is the only Blue Distinction® Center of Excellence in Knee & Hip Replacement, Cardiac Care and Spine Surgery. Singing River Hospital is a Blue Distinction® Center of Excellence in Knee & Hip Replacement and Cardiac Care. Eligible Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi members can save money – a 10% discount – by choosing a Blue Distinction® Center of Excellence like Singing River Health System for certain elective orthopedic specialty services. Blue Distinction® Centers of Excellence have proven track records for delivering better results with fewer complications and readmissions than facilities without this designation. *Does not currently apply to Federal Employee Program, State Health Plan Members, certain Self-Funded and certain BlueCard members.