How to Clean Face Masks

Be smart, stay apart - coronavirus safety advice

How often should I clean my face mask or cover?

You should clean your mask after every wearing. This reduces the risk of spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19) or other germs.

How do I clean my face mask?

  • Disposable surgical masks cannot be laundered or cleaned and should be thrown away when it is visibly soiled or damaged.
  • Bandannas, face scarves, and masks made of fabric, such as cotton, can be washed in your regular laundry using hot water.
  • After laundering your fabric masks, tumble dry them in the dryer on a high setting.
  • You might consider using a non-scented laundry detergent if you are sensitive to perfumes so it is easier to wear the masks.
  • You can also hand wash your mask, using hot, soapy water. Scrub the mask for at least 20 seconds, and dry them on high heat in the dryer.
  • Store clean masks in a clean place when you are not using them.