Nurses Day 2021 – Susan Russell, RN, Chief Nursing Officer

To each of my fellow nurse colleagues-

2020 was designated to be our year for nurse recognition, and it ended up being nothing like any of us could have ever imagined, but in the most meaningful ways possible, 2020 was truly The Year of the Nurse.

This past year was full of unbelievable fear, exhaustion, and loss for all of us- at times putting the entire world to a complete halt. 

Yet, no one was hit harder by the pandemic than nurses and other healthcare professionals whose life’s spun out of control and for months felt like a thrill ride we would never get off. 

The feeling every day was almost surreal.  Almost the same way it felt experiencing the aftermath of Katrina or 9/11, fully knowing the world was forever changed.

But you all fought through the toughest year our world has ever faced to save others- meeting our calling to serve with every ounce of heart and soul in our being. 

The world simply would not have survived as we know it, without nurses and that is why 2020 was the Year of the Nurse, after all. 

So on this Nurses Day 2021, on behalf of our community and the entire world – thank you for your perseverance, incredibly hard work – under unimaginable circumstances, and with compassion beyond measure. I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you for everything you have done and continue to do for our patients, each other, and our profession.

Happy Nurses Day! ​

Susan Russell, MSN, RN CCRN-CSC, Chief Nursing Officer