Healthy Meal Program

Do you have a restricted diet due to a health condition? The Healthy Meal Program is an easy way for people within the community to easily access affordable meals that fit their special diet needs.

An Affordable Way to Follow Your Nutrition Plan

Healthy Meal Program meals are offered at the Pascagoula Hospital and Ocean Springs Hospital Cafés.

We offer meals for a variety of diets, including:

  • Diabetic
  • Sodium-Restricted
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Weight Reduction
  • Other Special Diets


A doctor’s prescription is required for participation in the Healthy Meal Program. Once a prescription is obtained, you can start purchasing your meals.

Guest Trays

Family members of inpatient guests may wish to purchase trays to be delivered to them in their loved one’s room. They will need to place an order with the cashier in the cafeteria and pre-pay for a tray.