Recognize An Outstanding Nurse

The DAISY Award recognizes skillful and compassionate nursing.

At Singing River, we are devoted to providing high quality, compassionate care. We are proud participants of the DAISY Foundation, which was created to recognize nurses who provide skillful and compassionate care to their patients.

Nominations can be made by anyone, including patients, family members, other nurses, physicians, other clinicians and staff – anyone who experiences or observes extraordinary compassionate care being provided by a nurse.

Please help us recognize our outstanding nurses by submitting a DAISY Award Nomination today!

Singing River Daisy Award Winners

Ann Carney, RN

Ann is very caring and thoroughly explains everything to her patient and their family members. Ann’s attention to detail and compassion in caring for my sister truly made a difference her overall health. Not only did they treat her medically but the treated her with kindness and compassion and always made her feel comfortable even in the most uncomfortable of situations. Ann and her staff were the nicest medical teams I’ve EVER seen in the healthcare field. Every day when I would walk to the desk to sign in she would greet meet with a smile and when I would leave she would say “ you gone?” I always looked forward to seeing her during my visits. I will genuinely miss seeing her every morning once my sister is discharge.

Leah McMahanCRNA

Leah is an extraordinary nurse, CRNA, friend, co-worker, and all-around human. She is constantly being praised by her peers for the positivity that radiates from her daily. Patients adore her and her co-workers are constantly singing her praises. She is the true example of what it means to “serve with heart and soul”. A core value at Singing River Health System. Many comments are submitted about the care she gives and the compassion in which she treats her patients:

Amazingly skilled and caring provider. She cares for the most challenging patients in the CV rooms. Examples of Leah’s selflessness include volunteering to cover numerous RN shifts in the COVID unit during the pandemic. She volunteered to cover for the ICU staff when their coworker passed so they could attend her funeral. She volunteered to spend her weekend off providing COVID vaccines at our vaccine events.


There was a young lady in her early 40s close to losing her extensive battle with cancer. We brought her in for a procedure and Leah came to the room, held the young lady’s hand, and sat beside her to comfort her until she was under. It reminded us that our patients are mothers, wives, friends, and family to someone. We have to keep a certain level of professionalism in the work we do, Leah reminds us all that we can comfort and effectively treat those in need with the compassion she shows daily.

Tabatha Hunter, RN

Tabatha is an extraordinary nurse. Tabatha is such a friendly, kind nurse always caring for her patients with the utmost compassion and attention to detail. Not only does she demonstrate immense knowledge of her profession, but her positivity and generosity deeply shine throughout every interaction she has with her patient, their family members. She is a great example to her peers and is a vital part of the team at Singing River CRC. She takes her time and explains the situation to her patients especially those who may have a difficulty understanding.

Recently, Tabatha noticed a young lady who she was caring for was having a difficult time participating in group therapy sessions. After spending some extra time with the patient, Tabatha learned that the young lady was very insecure because she had to have her hair shaved for a recent procedure. After learning about this, Tabatha used her cosmetology background to fix and style the young patient’s hair so that she felt confident enough to join in on the group sessions. She can often be found going above and beyond for our guests doing things like this to ensure they are comfortable throughout their entire hospital journey. The world needs more nurses like Tabatha, and we are glad she is on our team.