How to Improve Your Child’s Immune System

Flu season is here, so what can you do to better protect your kid? The first step is getting your child and the rest of your family vaccinated. Following the flu shot, the best defenses are adequate fluid, proper nutrition, staying active and getting enough rest!

There are certain foods containing vitamins and minerals that play key functions in your body’s immune system:

  • Dark green leafy vegetables and deep yellow fruits are a good source of beta carotene
  • Whole grains, legume, chicken and pork are a good source of B6 vitamin
  • Citrus fruits, berries, broccoli and tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C
  • Wheat germ and nuts are a good source of vitamin E
  • Meat and seafood are a good source of selenium
  • Beef and seafood are good sources of zinc
  • Friendly bacteria in yogurt with live cultures also help build immunity.

Reminders to enhance your child’s immunity:

  • Make sure your children are eating smart: five to nine fruit and vegetable servings daily. Make one high in vitamin C. Vitamin E in nuts and seeds also helps build immunity.
  • Good sleep schedule: sleep is when your body can repair and fight off sickness. On average, 10-11 hours for ages 5 -10.
  • Find ways to reduce stress: perhaps through physical activity or family time together
  • Move more: another reason for 60 minutes of active living daily

Source: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics