Game Changers in Prostate Cancer Detection

Singing River and South Mississippi Urology Invest in UroNav Technology to Detect Prostate Cancer Early

GULF COAST, Mississippi (January 21, 2020) – Singing River Health System and South Mississippi Urology are the first in the state to use innovative technology, UroNav – combining the benefits of an MRI with ultrasound to create a detailed, 3-D view of the prostate. By allowing physicians to see the prostate in this way, they can identify suspicious areas, and then target them for biopsy. UroNav brings the power of MRI to the Urology suite as prostate and lesion segmentation data from Radiology are quickly and easily transferred to UroNav for review and target identification.

Benefits of UroNav

  • Provides a 3-D view of the prostate, clarity that is otherwise unavailable – reducing the risk of overlooking a tumor
  • Improves diagnosis accuracy, which leads to better treatment options and outcomes
  • Incorporates a GPS-like system to guide the biopsy needle to suspicious areas
  • Reduces the number of tissue samples taken from the prostate
  • Reduces discomfort and gives peace of mind for patient
  • Targeted biopsies help to eliminate the need for multiple, random (or blind) biopsies
  • Targeted biopsies may help to detect aggressive tumors that could have been missed with a blind biopsy

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