Dr. Randy Roth Honored for Leading Health Efforts in Black Communities

GULF COAST, MISSISSIPPI (June 25, 2021) – The Moss Point Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority presented its Physical and Mental Health Award to Singing River Health System Chief Medical Officer Dr. Randy Roth on Friday, June 25th at Singing River Pascagoula Hospital. Dr. Roth is receiving this award for his leadership and tireless work in improving physical and mental health, especially in the black community during COVID-19. 

Award Nomination:

Dr. Randy Roth, a physician with more than 25 years of experience, has dedicated most of his career to making an impact on the health of those living in Jackson County and surrounding areas. The Louisiana native came to Mississippi and immersed himself in local culture, making sure he became part of the communities he served. In addition to providing his excellent medical skills and great bedside manner, Dr. Roth shares an affable personality and generous nature with all those he encounters. He never meets a stranger, and he never turns away a patient. 

Little did anyone know that COVID-19 would rip through our communities like a category 5 hurricane mixed with F5 tornadoes, but it did. How fortunate for us that a hero would arise amid the chaos to lead us out of the rubble. Dr. Roth never thought twice about what needed to be done. He just rolled up his sleeves and accepted the challenge, trading in his suit for scrubs and working for weeks on end during the pandemic. He became known as the COVID doctor, the dirty doctor, and the one who would grieve with families in the unprecedented nightmare that we lived. Dr. Roth came in early, stayed late, cried with families, and prayed with families. He met with community leaders to develop strategic plans on how to survive, how to overcome, and how to prevail against this devastating illness. Instead of becoming a one-man show, Dr. Roth used his wisdom to pull together the best minds available to find a solution, to help us find our way out.

When it became apparent that the black community was being heavily affected, Dr. Roth immediately reached out to black hospital system staff members to find a way to help. His concern was genuine, full of compassion, and came from the heart. Dr. Roth put on a general’s uniform and accepted the challenge to find a way to help us survive. Throughout the worst of covid, he stood strong and stood with us. He never stopped suiting up for work, rolling up his sleeves and asking what could be done to help the black community stop this disease. And to this day, he has led the charge for vaccinations in the black community by meeting with black pastors and leaders, setting up vaccination points, and brainstorming ways to get the black community to vaccinate. Dr. Roth is so deserving to be honored for his tireless work with COVID-19 for our entire area and especially in the black community. 

Singing River Chief Executive Officer Lee Bond will be receiving the Delta Sigma Theta award for Emergency Response honoring his leadership and work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jackson County Emergency Management will join Delta Sigma Theta in presenting Bond with this recognition later this summer.