Singing River Unveils Mississippi’s First MRI with AI Technology

Improving Medical Image Quality and Guest Experience

Singing River Health System is beaming to introduce the fastest and most accurate MRI technology in Mississippi called AIR™ Recon DL at Singing River Gulfport Hospital. AIR™ Recon DL is a first-of-its-kind imaging software from GE Healthcare, designed to produce internal images of the body that are clearer and captured faster than ever.

Singing River clinicians and technologists will no longer have to choose between image quality and scan time with the AIR™ Recon DL technology. DL stands for deep learning, meaning the software uses revolutionary, digital artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve both the patient experience and radiologists’ diagnostic confidence by providing shorter scan times and higher-quality images.

“The AI technology provides higher-quality images that improve diagnostic accuracy and allow for potential earlier detection of diseases. The AIR™ Recon DL will further assist us in early detection, prevention, and deciding the best interventions while allowing us more time to dedicate to each patient.”

Raun Wetzel, MD, Radiologist, Singing River Health System

Patients can expect their exam times to be reduced up to 50%ᶦ, often eliminating the need for sedation for those who are claustrophobic. For example, a standard MRI of the lower spine can now be completed in just under 10 minutes versus 23 minutes using conventional scannersᶦᶦ. This enhancement of both scan time and image precision is available across all anatomies.

“The quality of our new MRI images is like nothing I have ever seen before, and we have reduced our scan times by at least a third,” said Kenneth Page MPH, BS (CT/R), Operations Manager, Singing River Gulfport Radiology. “This is huge for people who are claustrophobic, just a ten-minute decrease can make an incredible difference to the person inside the machine and has doubled the number of guests we can serve each day.”

Singing River Gulfport is the only hospital in the region with this innovative software powered by a massive 1.5 Tesla magnet – weighing nearly 10,000 pounds and measuring 92.5 inches high and 97.2 inches wide.

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