Advanced MRI: AIR™ Recon DL

Singing River Gulfport is home to the first and only AI-enhanced MRI technology in the state of Mississippi

Singing River Health System is beaming to introduce the fastest and most accurate MRI technology in Mississippi called AIR™ Recon DL at Singing River Gulfport Hospital. AIR™ Recon DL is a first-of-its-kind imaging software from GE Healthcare, designed to produce internal images of the body that are clearer and captured faster than ever.

DL stands for deep learning, meaning the software uses revolutionary, digital artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve both the patient experience and radiologists’ diagnostic confidence by providing shorter scan times and higher-quality images.

With this technology, Singing River can deliver both the highest image quality and lowest scan times available.

The Ideal Solution for the Claustrophobic Patient

Many people delay or avoid care requiring scans in MRIs or similar equipment due to concerns with claustrophobia, length of scan time, and overall discomfort. The AIR™ Recon DL alleviates much of this concern, cutting scan times down by at least a third, and often in half. No common scans exceed 30 minutes in length, meaning you spend overall less time in the MRI machine.

The Highest Quality Imaging Available

Quality of imaging is key to diagnosis, staging, etc. using MRI technology. The AIR™ Recon DL delivers best-in-class imaging using AI technology to increase diagnostic confidence, reduce the need for repeated imaging, and help your provider make the best determination for you and your care.

“The quality of our new MRI images is like nothing I have ever seen before, and we have reduced our scan times by at least a third. This is huge for people who are claustrophobic, just a ten-minute decrease can make an incredible difference to the person inside the machine and has doubled the number of guests we can serve each day.”

Kenneth Page MPH, BS (CT/R), Operations Manager, Singing River Gulfport Radiology.