Singing River Health System’s Imaging Centers are all equipped with the latest technology in 3D Mammograms.

Early Breast Cancer Detection with 3D Mammography

Early Detection

The goal of mammography is to detect tumors at their earliest, most treatable stage. The 5 year survival rate for breast cancer with early detection is 100%.

This system detects tumors that are smaller or were previously not visible with a 2D mammogram. 3D Digital mammography is able to detect 20-65% more invasive cancers than 2D.

Breast Cancer patients are able to experience better outcomes by beginning treatment before a tumor goes into a more advanced stage (metastasis).

More Accurate

This system’s improved images allow the mammograms to be much more accurate than 2D Mammograms, particularly for women with dense breasts.

Superior Image Quality

The image quality from a 3D mammogram is superior to 2D mammograms. Our radiologists are able to view sections of breast tissue in 1 millimeter sections, allowing them to detect the smallest abnormalities.

2D Full Field Digital Mammography vs 3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

For Dense Breasts

40% of women have dense breasts, and 2D mammography can miss over 1/3 of cancers in dense breasts.

This machine is much more sensitive for detecting small and difficult to see cancers, particularly in women who have dense breasts or heterogeneously dense breasts.

Small cancers can be particularly hard to see because they’re hidden by normal breast tissue. The Pristina’s 3D technology allows radiologists to inspect further into the images in order to get a better look.

Women with Breast Implants

3D Mammograms allow the radiologist to see through breast implants. With 2D mammography, some areas of the breast were still hidden from imaging.

More Comfortable

If you hesitate to schedule a mammogram because you have anxiety about your comfort, our 3D Mammogram System was designed for you. It is more inviting and more comfortable than many other mammography machines, providing a better overall breast exam experience.

Designed by women for women, the new machine has a number of upgrades centered around your comfort and to ease your anxiety.

  • Hand grips have been replaced with soft armrests — lay your arms down on the machine’s soft, warm surface and relax your muscles.
  • Breathe! You don’t have to hold your breath during a digital, 3-D mammogram.
  • Pristina has the lowest radiation dose of any FDA-approved 3D mammography machine – the same as a 2D mammogram.

Make An Appointment

When it’s time to schedule your mammogram, talk to your doctor about having a 3D Mammogram at any of our Singing River Imaging Centers. Then, call (228) 809-2355 to schedule your appointment.