MRI is a powerful diagnostic tool for radiologists. The resulting images are very sensitive in showing the differences between normal and abnormal tissues. Plus, the procedure is painless and has no known side effects.

About MRI

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a powerful diagnostic imaging tool that produces images using two natural and harmless forces — magnetic fields and radio waves. There is no radiation used with an MRI. With the use of computers, the data acquired from your scan is transformed into 2D images of your body.

With MRI, your radiologist can see the bone and soft tissues in your body, like muscles and internal organs. These images are very sensitive in showing differences between normal and abnormal tissues.

MRI Suite with Calming Skylight at Ocean Springs Hospital Radiology

About MRI at Singing River

Our MRI Systems at Singing River Health System feature the latest magnetic resonance imaging technology.

MRI is painless and has no known side effects.

AIR™ Recon DL

Singing River Gulfport is the only facility in the state of Mississippi to offer this groundbreaking MRI technology.

“DL” stands for deep learning, meaning the software uses revolutionary, digital artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve both the patient experience and radiologists’ diagnostic confidence by providing shorter scan times and higher-quality images.

Patients can expect their exam times to be reduced up to 50%, often eliminating the need for sedation for those who are claustrophobic.

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The SIGNA™ Artist MRI machine offers startling advances in imaging while significantly reducing scan times.

Shorter Scans and a More Space for Patient Comfort

This machine features a wider diameter tube than previous MRI types, allowing patients with feelings of claustrophobia a more comfortable space. Radiologists are also given more room to position off-center anatomy such as shoulder and hips.

If you are at high risk of breast cancer, learn more about our Breast MRI services.

Schedule Your MRI

Fast, same-day appointments are available for our patients with a physician order. Ask your doctor about having your MRI done at Singing River Health System, and call to make an appointment at (228) 809-2355.