Singing River Health System First in Mississippi to Offer Innovative BEAR® Implant to Treat ACL Tears

Implant First Innovation in ACL Tear Treatment in 30+ Years; Enables Injured ACL to Heal Itself

Singing River Orthopedics is the first in Mississippi to offer the BEAR® Implant for the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, one of the most common knee injuries in the U.S. The BEAR Implant is the first medical advancement to enable the body to heal its own torn ACL. This new approach is a paradigm shift from the current standard of care – reconstruction that replaces the ACL with a graft – and is the first innovation in ACL tear treatment in more than 30 years.

Every year, approximately 400,000 ACL injuries occur in the U.S. During a standard ACL reconstruction, the surgeon completely removes the remaining torn ACL and reconstructs it with either a tendon from the patient’s own leg (called an autograft) or a deceased donor (called an allograft). Unlike reconstruction, the BEAR Implant does not require the use of harvested tendons for ACL repair. The BEAR Implant acts as a bridge to help the ends of the torn ACL heal together.

During a BEAR Implant procedure, the surgeon injects a small amount of the patient’s own blood into the implant and inserts it between the torn ends of the ACL in a minimally invasive procedure. The combination of the BEAR Implant and the patient’s blood enables the body to heal the torn ends of the ACL back together while maintaining the ACL’s original attachments to the femur and tibia. As the ACL heals, the BEAR Implant is resorbed by the body within approximately eight weeks.

The BEAR implant is the first medical advancement to enable your body to heal its own torn ACL

“We are proud to be the first health system in the state of Mississippi to perform and now offer this new cutting-edge technology to our patients. The BEAR Implant procedure helps to naturally restore a patient’s ACL quality resulting in a faster recovery of muscle strength, which in turn allows them to safely resume strenuous activities and sports. We look forward to seeing an overall improvement in patient outcomes through this advanced treatment.”

Dr. Philip Myers, Orthopedist at Singing River Orthopedics.

Dr. Philip Myers with Singing River Orthopedics was the first surgeon in the state of Mississippi to perform the BEAR Implant procedure. Singing River Orthopedics is proud to be home to the most advanced treatments and innovative technology across the region to improve patient outcomes, including reducing the risk of complications and pain post-operation through robotic surgery techniques. Visit to learn more or call 228-809-5000 to schedule an appointment today.