Jackson County Board of Supervisors and SRHS Board of Trustees Oppose Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Proposal for Cardiac Outpatient Surgery Center

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors and Singing River Health System Board of Trustees have jointly announced their opposition to the City of Gautier’s consideration of pledging public tax dollars through Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds to incentivize a proposed Cardiac Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) in partnership with a for-profit health system.

The boards expressed concerns over the adverse effects of the proposed center, which would divert crucial revenue from the County’s community-based hospital and ultimately have a negative financial impact on SRHS and the ability to provide other much-needed services.

“The health and well-being of our community are of the utmost importance, and while we support healthcare advancements, we cannot ignore the potential adverse effects of diverting revenue from our local health system,” emphasized Ken Taylor, District 3 Supervisor. “I am particularly dumbfounded by the lack of interest shown by the principals in partnering with Jackson County and SRHS to develop this Cardiac ASC.”

The proposed Cardiac ASC has sparked debate about resource allocation and its impact on local healthcare services. The boards emphasize the need for careful consideration and collaboration to ensure decisions align with the best interests of Jackson County taxpayers.

“We are committed to maintaining a strong and sustainable healthcare infrastructure within the communities we serve,” remarked Steve Ates, president of the Board of Trustees. “Any decision regarding the use of public funds must prioritize the long-term health needs of our community.”

Laurin St. Pe, CEO of Singing River, added, “We are deeply concerned about the potential repercussions of diverting revenue away from our local health system. Cardiac care is a leading service line for our health system. This decision could have a ripple effect, negatively impacting other vital service lines that are essential for providing comprehensive care to our community. To clarify, we support growth and development in the City of Gautier. Our opposition lies strictly in the development of the Cardiac ASC.