Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, other than skin cancer. What’s the good news? Getting annual mammograms can lower the risk of dying from breast cancer. If you are 50 to 74 years old, be sure to have a mammogram every two years. For those 40 to 49 years old, it’s incredibly important to have a conversation with your doctor about when and how often you should get a mammogram.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are a variety of symptoms of breast cancer, and in some cases there are no symptoms at all. Symptoms can include:

  • Any change in the size or shape of the breast
  • Pain in any area of the breast
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood
  • A new lump in the breast or underarm

If you have any worrying signs, see your doctor immediately.

How to lower your risk?

Being a woman over the age of 50 as well as having changes in your breast cancer genes are the main factors which influence your risk for breast cancer, however, most women who get breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease or other known risk factors.
Screening cannot prevent breast cancer, but it can help find breast cancer early when it is easier to treat.

Fast Facts

  • More than 200,000 women get breast cancer, and more than 40,000 women die from breast cancer each year in the United States
  • While not very common, men do get breast cancer. Less than 1% of breast cancers occur in men
  • 10% of new breast cancer cases in the United States are found in women under 45 years of age

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Source:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention