If you guessed HPV Vaccine, you’re right!

With so many great things to say about the HPV vaccine, why is the vaccination rate so low?

HPV is primarily spread through sexual contact.

Parents of 9-12 year olds are often resistant or make the argument that their child is not sexually active, and therefore does not need the HPV vaccine. However, though your pre-teen may not yet be sexually active, it is important to note that the strength of a child’s immune system at this age is prime for building the antibodies needed to fight future exposures. Also, more than 90% of sexually active men and women will become infected with HPV at some point in their lives.

The fact is, nobody wants to talk about their 9-12 year old being sexually active.

But taking early, effective preventative action is key to ensuring that your child can grow to be healthy and free from 6 different types of cancer.

Still unsure?

Talk with a Singing River Pediatrician or Primary Care Provider about HPV vaccination and have your questions answered by one of our fabulous medical providers.


What if you could get one vaccine to help prevent SIX different types of cancer? What if you knew that vaccine was nearly 100% effective against a hard-to-identify cancer? And what if you could protect your kids starting as young as age 9? You can. Learn more about HPV vaccines, their effectiveness, and how to protect yourself and your children from this common virus from Gynecologic Oncologist, Dr. Mike Finan.

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