Singing River Health System Board Officers Set for Fiscal Year 2017

The Singing River Health System Board of Trustees has announced its officers as elected for fiscal year 2016-2017:

Jeffery Belk of Vancleave: President

Don Barron of Pascagoula: Vice-President

Steven Ates of Ocean Springs: Secretary-Treasurer.

Mr. Belk, retired from Chevron as Project Procurement Coordinator and currently Business Manager for M&D Construction, has been a member of the Board of Trustees since November of 2015. This will be his second term as President.

Mr. Barron, who is retired from a varied business and education career, has been a member of the Board since January of 2016.

Mr. Ates, who is Managing Director of SBA-CCI, Inc., has been a member of the Board since February of 2016.

Other members of the Board of Trustees for 2016-2017 include Larry Cosper, Ocean Springs; James Epting, Pascagoula; Bonnie Granger, Ocean Springs; Auwilda Mason Polk, PhD., Moss Point; Dr. Steven Demetropoulos, Chief of Staff, Singing River Health System; and Dr. John Weldon, Chief of Staff-Elect, Singing River Health System.

“Singing River Health System is getting better and stronger every day, and we are starting the new fiscal year with an outstanding group of highly dedicated trustees and administrators,” said Belk. “We’re especially pleased to welcome Dr. Auwilda Polk to fill our last open Board position, and look forward to her contribution to our continued success.”

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors appoints members of the Singing River Health System Board of Trustees. The Board meets on a regularly scheduled basis once a month as well as numerous times throughout the year for special-called meetings, and serves as the governing body of the healthy system.